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ComboCooker Hotpot & BBQ Grill BBQ 6319 by Adeline

ComboCooker Hotpot & BBQ Grill BBQ 6319 by Adeline

The kids have been asking for BBQ, while I wanted to have hotpot because of the cool weather, so this Toyomi ComboCooker Hotpot & BBQ Grill was perfect for last night’s dinner!

To keep things simple, we used the @foodyo_cafe pork soup for the hotpot, to get a delicious stock without the hassle of boiling it for ages! 👍🏻

The kids liked the sliced pork belly, while the adults preferred the leaner sliced pork shoulder. We cooked the meat in the hotpot, as well as on the grill, and both ways were soooo good! 😋

It was our first time trying the marinated pork paste, and N ate so much of it. We’ll try the marinated chicken paste next!

I like that the fully marble coated grill pan and pot can be removed for easy cleaning, and that there’s an oil drip tray to collect the oil from the grill pan. The grill and pot have individual heating controls, allowing us to adjust the cooking temperatures separately. Looks like we will be using this ComboCooker a lot more, because it satisfies both our hotpot and BBQ cravings!