TOYOMI 4.5L Instant Boil Filtered Water Dispenser FB 8845F
  With Toyomi’s Instant Boil water dispenser, you can say goodbye to waiting for water to boil. This water dispenser’s cutting edge technology will only take you 5 seconds to fill your cup of milk, tea, coffee, or even just...
Toyomi 3.5L InstantBoil Filtered Water Dispenser FB 7735F - Matte White
  Introducing a new generation of instant filter-and-boil water dispensers, Toyomi 3.5L InstantBoil Filtered Water Dispenser is built with a special 4 Stage Water Filtration System to remove microplastics, PFOA, limescale, chlorine, lead, pesticides etc. This classic design is available in...
TOYOMI Instant Boil Water Dispenser FB 6108
Takes 3 to 5 seconds to boil water Stainless Steel Heating System LCD Display Touch Screen 3 Button Child Lock. One Mug, One Bottle Multi-Safety Protection Device Fault Alarm The Removable Design of Water Tank Prevents Dust from Entering and...
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