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TOYOMI Electric Smokeless BBQ BBQ 2002 By Alison

TOYOMI Electric Smokeless BBQ BBQ 2002 By Alison

With the rising of Covid-19 cases & dining restrictions, it is better to reduce social gatherings and stay home. I’ve just gotten my ‘New Toy’ from to enhance our stay at home! Toyomi’s Smokeless Grill is so convenient to use!

Just get the ingredients of your choice and lay them on the grill plate, then once it’s cooked simply dip in your favourite sauce 😋The highlight is the large surface of the grill plate which allows to grill more food each time! Perfectly for our family of 6. It’s smokeless so you can use it indoor without worrying of the smoke being trapped in the house. I like that alfresco feel so we had ours at the patio.

The grill plate is non stick which is a saviour, the meat or sausage can be grilled evenly without sticking to it, which also makes it easier to wash. One hesitation from using a griller is often the cleaning part, so this griller is design in such way that it can be dismantle into part which makes it easy to clean & wash!

Grilling made simple! Now everyone can have a BBQ party at home too!