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Toyomi Up and Down Smart 2.5L Steamboat SSB 6625 By Happymomgoals

Toyomi Up and Down Smart 2.5L Steamboat SSB 6625 By Happymomgoals

Check out my new Up and Down Smart Steamboat pot!! This is a super good purchase! It's so chio in white and matches my kitchen theme!

Do you often find that the food you put into your steamboat gets lost in the "Bermuda triangle" like me? 😅 Now this will no longer happen since I have got this Toyomi pot!

With a press of a button, you can lower the stainless steel tray layer into the soup to cook the food. And once it's cooked, press again to raise the tray and you can easily pick the food easily. Now I can enjoy my soft tofu in one piece instead of it disintegrating! 😍 As compared to traditional pot, you also avoid having backsplashes when you put the food in too! 

Apart from the steamboat function, you can also use it for steaming food, and even cook LOW CARB RICE in just 20 mins! How? According to the website, simply place uncooked rice on the tray and select the "Low-Carb Rice" function. Rice is boiled and cooked in the water while separating carbohydrates and impurities from the grains. The rice in the tray will subsequently automatically lift up to be steamed for the rest of the duration. This movement strains all excess carbohydrates and impurities. I'm going to use this function next!!!

This pot is definitely super easy to use and affordable! Go check it out too!

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- Happymomgoals