Toyomi 24L EasyHealth Air Fryer Oven AFO 2424RC
  Introducing our new Easy Health Air Fryer Oven that allows you to cook versatile dishes and minimises fat up to 80%. It allows for "Healthy Oil Free Cooking" by circulating hot air around the food to achieve the "fried" texture using far...
Toyomi 12L Classic Toast & Steam Oven TO 1230ST - Matte White
  Introducing the Toyomi Classic Steam Oven, designed to help you cook food faster and healthier. Using steam and powerful 1300W heaters, you can heat and cook food up to 40% faster than a conventional oven will, while helping it...
TOYOMI 1L SmartDiet Rice Cooker with Stainless Steel & Low Carb Rice Pot RC 5301LC
  A sophisticated and smart rice cooker that can cook all types of rice - including delicious low-carb rice, brown rice, sushi rice, and even porridge. Our new Toyomi SmartDiet rice cooker greatly helps to limit your carb intake, allowing a low...
Toyomi Simple Hob Infrared Ceramic Hot Plate IC 9011
Convenient, compact and useful with all pots, this simple ceramic hot plate is perfect for cooking or warming up your food. It is suited with all flat-bottomed cookware, from cast iron & steel, to stone or ceramic cookware. Be it...
Toyomi 12L Rapid Air Fryer Oven AFO 1201 - Classic Black
  Bake, Toast, Roast and Air Fry with the Rapid Oven Air Fryer Oven, our new innovative kitchen appliance that turns the ordinary oven to an air-frying machine. It can roast, bake, toast or air fry in minutes without using...
Toyomi 1.5L Stainless Steel Cordless Kettle WK 1633
  Introducing our fuss-free cordless kettle, that is stylish and modern, yet boils quickly at the flick of the button. With its 1.5L capacity, fully stainless steel seamless inner jug, it is able to boil large amounts of water for...
Toyomi Cozy Cooker NEW Multi Cooker For 1-2 Pax BF 1000
  Craving steaming hot pot, sizzling juicy meats, crispy deep-fried goodness, oven-baked goodies, or everything at once? It is now possible with Toyomi’s New Cozy Cooker! Have a complete and yummy meal without leaving the comfort of your own home. ...
$128.00 $115.00
TOYOMI 0.8L Electric Rice Cooker / Warmer RC 2032
Perfect for 2-4 pax Stylish and Space-saving Design Black Crystalloid Super Durable Non-stick Pot  Auto-Temperature Control for Congee/Soup Cooking without opening lid Automatic Keep Warm Function For More Effective Heating Special Low Pressure & Fully-sealed Structure To Keep More Moisture For...
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TOYOMI 0.75L Electric Rice Cooker / Warmer RC 1603
Perfect for 2-4 People Stylish and Space-saving Design Black Crystalloid Super Durable Non-stick Pot With Preset and Timing Function for Congee/Soup Cooking without opening lid Automatic Keep Warm Function For More Effective Heating Special Low Pressure & Fully-sealed Structure To Keep More...
TOYOMI 2.5L Air Fryer AF 2561
  Why TOYOMI 2.5L Air Fryer? Healthier Air-Fried Food: TOYOMI Air Fryer uses AirCrisp technology (instead of cooking oil) to reduce added fat up to 80%, without compromising the flavour of your fried food  Quick + Easy: Short on time? Simply load the fryer...
Toyomi 1.7L Smart Temperature Digital Kettle WK 1709
Our New Fuss-Free Smart Kettle with Digital Temperature Display and Keep Warm Temperature Selection is the perfect kettle for every need! Select a Keep Warm Temperature (40/60/80/90/100 °C) and the kettle will come to a boil before warming down and...
TOYOMI 0.3L Micro-com Mini Rice Cooker RC 919
  Exquisite and Space-saving Design With Micro-com Control With Preset and Timer Duo-Side Crystalloid Non-Stick Coating Rice, Brown Rice, Congee, Soup, Steam and Keep Warm Function with LED Indicator 3D Temperature Sensor Prevents Overflow and Auto-Temperature Control for Congee/Soup Cooking...
TOYOMI 25L Airfryer and Oven with Rotisserie AFO 2525RC
How is this different from an Air Fryer?  With a larger capacity, you are able to cook much more food than a standard air fryer. If you are hosting friends or cooking for a large family, you do not have...
TOYOMI Handheld Stick Vacuum Cleaner 800W VC 341
Light Weight Handheld & Stick Switch On/Off Easy and Convenient for Use Cord Length: 5M Clean Exhaust Air with Mini Cyclone Design Unique Floor Brush, Upholstery Brush and Crevice Tool 2in1 Streamlined Appearance, Fashionable Color Combination Transparent Dust Cup for...
$89.90 $69.90
TOYOMI Electric Mookata / BBQ / Steamboat BBQ 8000
Steamboat and BBQ in Mookata Thai Style Back in stock due to POPULAR DEMAND! New and improved version with Divider and oil collector. Non-stick coating for easy cleaning Auto Temperature Control, Adjust Temp. Freely Can be fully washed after removing...
$79.00 $69.00
TOYOMI 4.0L Micro-com High Heat Stew Cooker HH 9080 - Red
Preset design, convenience for cooking Multiple function for cooking different kind of delicious dishes  Healthy cooking with FDA approval High Temperature non stick pot and lid High Heat Non-Stick Clay Pot can be use directly on stove Energy saving with...
$118.00 $99.00
TOYOMI 1.7L Stainless Steel Water Kettle WK 1700 - Glossy White
The popular glossy white TOYOMI 1.7L Stainless Steel Water Kettle is back in stock with two new colours, glossy green and matte pink! This electric water kettle boils up to 1.7 litres at the push of a button and has...
TOYOMI 1.5L Stainless Steel Cordless Kettle WK 1588 - Black
Cool Touch-Double Wall to Keep Warm Longer Sanitary & Safe-Inner Wall is Full Stainless Steel, Outer Wall is PP One-Key Operating Element Automatic Cut-Off Overheating and Dry-Boil Protection Cordless with 360° Rotation Pilot Light Cordless with 360 Rotation Pilot Light...
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TOYOMI 5.0L Micro-com Electric Airpot with Battery Pack and Ventilating Fan EPA 5588
Hygienic Stainless Steel Interior Special Battery Pack System for Outdoor Dispensing without Electric Supply Soft-Sensor Touch Electric Dispensing System 3 Types of Dispensing Capacity: 250ml, 400ml and Manual Detachable Lid for Easy Cleaning Children-Safeguard Lock Attractive, Modern Design With ON/OFF...
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TOYOMI 5.0L Micro-com Pressure & Rice Cooker with Duo Pot PC 5090 - White
Toyomi’s 5.0L Pressure Cooker is a multi-functional pressure cooker that can cook your soup/stew to tender perfection, steam your fish with ease, simmer and sauté, and cook perfect rice and vegetables in just minutes.  It comes with three built-in safety...
TOYOMI Electric Smokeless BBQ Model: BBQ 2002
Also Featured In:   With 2 Aluminium Die-Casting Grill and Griddle Plate High Temperature Non-Stick Coating Smokeless Grill, Airflow Technology With Smoke Capture Fan Adjustable Temperature Control With Glass Cover Removable Parts Idea for Easy Cleaning  Dishwasher-Safe Parts 220-240V~50/60Hz 1500W...
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TOYOMI 11L Electric Oven Toaster TO 4711
Electric oven toaster Full function with bake tray/rack Large view tempered glass window With build-in thermostat, double safe-guard 60-min. automatic timer With TEMP. Select switch, good for various cooking Detachable rack for easy cleaning Hi-tech coated mirror glass visualization window...
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TOYOMI 1.0L Mini Stainless Steel Steamer ST 2018
Electric Mini 3 Tier Steamer With 3 Stainless Steel Steamer Tray (2 different types of tray) Turbo Steam system - Starts steaming in 30 seconds 60 Mins Timer Detachable steam tray for easy cleaning Juice-collector extends the life-span of heating...
TOYOMI 5.0L Micro-com Multi Healthy Fermentation Pot (Black Garlic Maker) BGM 8810
Fuzzy Logic Micro-com Healthy pot (Fermentation cooker) Multi-function cooker Good for Ferment Black Garlic, Yogurt, Natto, Pickles, Warm Milk,Fruit Wine, Fruit Ferment, Simmer and Sterilizer. 288 hours Keep Warm 3-D Heating Element BPA Free Plastic With Stainless Steel Inner Pot...
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