TOYOMI 5.0L Micro-com Multi Healthy Fermentation Pot (Black Garlic Maker) BGM 8810

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Healthy Pot
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  • Fuzzy Logic Micro-com Healthy pot (Fermentation cooker)
  • Multi-function cooker
  • Good for Ferment Black Garlic, Yogurt, Natto, Pickles, Warm Milk,Fruit Wine, Fruit Ferment, Simmer and Sterilizer.
  • 288 hours Keep Warm
  • 3-D Heating Element
  • BPA Free Plastic
  • With Stainless Steel Inner Pot
  • Capacity: 5.0L
  • 220-240V~ 50/60Hz 90-110W
  • Dimension : 280 X 280 X 290mm
  • Barcode: 8886308915916


Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

1. Can I set a setting below 30 degrees celsius?

Answer: This machine has a function to set as low as whatever the temperature of the room is. In Singapore weather, the temperature may not go below 30 degrees celsius due to the hot weather, unless you place it in an air conditioned area throughout its use.

2. Do I have to put the pot before I put in the black garlic basket?

Answer: Yes, you will have to, if not your black garlic will be burnt :(

3. Will there be smell during the use?

Answer: Yes because there is no sealing feature. The smell will be stronger for the first few days and dissipate after a few days. You can put the machine at a cooling area with wind to reduce the smell. Ps. The garlic smell is great for chasing away mosquitoes and insects! :)

4. What is the lowest and highest temperature setting it can go?

Answer: Lowest - room temperature and highest - 90°C.

5. Why should I use this machine instead of buying packaged black garlic from the supermarket?

Answer: You are able to make a large batch using cheap ingredients (Regular garlic from your local market) to transform it into fresh, healthy, and organic (no preservatives!) black garlic. You can control the texture of the black garlic as well. There’s no need to buy small packets of expensive black garlic with preservatives anymore!

6. Should I change the default time and temperature setting?

Answer: The longer you set the black garlic function for, the harder the garlic will be. The shorter you set the black garlic function for, the softer the garlic will be. We recommend 9-10 Days as it is perfectly enough but you can always tweak the timing to your liking!

7. How much garlic can I make at one time?

Answer:  1.59kg of garlic.

8. I am unable to press any buttons like change functions? What is happening?

Answer: Please press and hold the cancel button for a few seconds until the machine beeps to restart the function as the machine is in a function.

9. What is the power consumption for this product? Will it consume too much electricity?

Answer: It consumes 90-110W which is considered low. Therefore, even use it for 12 days, it would not be consuming too much electricity.

 10. Do you have a function table showing the recommended presets for the different functions?


Default Time and Temp.

Time Range

Temperature Range

Solo Garlic

9 Days and 76°C

6-12 Days (1 Day Interval)

74-78°C  (1°C interval)

Segmented Garlic

9 Days and 75°C

6-12 Days (1 Day Interval)

73-77°C (1°C interval)


6H and 39°C

4-24 Hours (2 Hours Interval)

33-45°C (2°C interval)

Ferment/Fruit Wine

2D and 26°C

2-12 Days (1 Day Interval)

22-38°C (2°C interval)

Simmer/ Steriliser

2H and 86°C

2-72 Hours  (2 Hours Interval)

78-90°C (2°C interval)

Fruit Dehydrator/ Keep Warm

2H and 60°C

2-72 Hours (2 Hours Interval)

46-74°C (2°C interval)

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TOYOMI 5.0L Micro-com Multi Healthy Fermentation Pot (Black Garlic Maker) BGM 8810
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